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With our market-leading integrated business model, we deliver cost-effective and high-performance green energy solutions for multiple applications with power ranging from few watts to different kilowatts.

Smart e-mobility
for environmental

Our emission-free journey towards a sustainable future is underpinned by extensive R&D, critical test and pre-qualification in-house equipment, strong sourcing and robust manufacturing competence.

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We have an endogenous team of qualified professionals in precision engineering, working rigorously on continuous innovation and development. We aim to fulfil the customer requirements from ground zero.

Carbon-free journeys with smart e-mobility

In this changing world, there is a need to adopt transformative mobility solutions to provide efficient, cost-effective, and carbon-free journeys for all. At AEL we are on top of it. Our LiFePO4 battery packs are heavy-loaded, high performance and designed compact with sensing circuit and testing algorithms besides the basic protection measures of fluctuations in voltage, current and temperature.

With our smart e-mobility for environmental sustainability, we are reimagining miles of eco-friendly journeys on zero-emission vehicles. That’s not all. With our Nation’s development of urban infrastructure, we are on the move to provide green energy solutions with our rechargeable batteries for multiple industrial and residential applications that include batteries for home inverters, lifts, power grids and solar lighting systems. AEL’s marine lithium-ion battery packs are designed to support convenient and environmentally friendly coastal and marine tourism in India.

About us
Exploration. Experimentation. Development. Integration.

We are committed to customer satisfaction by expediting the nation’ vision of achieving environmental sustainability and have carried out precision engineering in our process. As a part of our transformative green energy solutions, electromobility is our driving force in achieving our goals and India’s vision towards a net-zero emission Nation.

Our Products

Performance powered by green energy solutions, our EV batteries for 2-3 wheelers and other transports are designed to meet international standards.

Discover a wide range of optimal performance battery packs for domestic and industrial purposes from the house of Agastya Energy Ltd.

Our smart Battery Management System is designed for maximum performance for every product genre that we manufacture with our innovative green energy solutions.

We are the market-leading manufacturer of chargers for EV batteries used for smart e-mobility and green energy solutions for industry levels.

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