Battery Packs
Reimagining India As A Net-Zero Emission Nation With Our Innovative And Transformative Green Energy Solutions

At AEL, it is our objective to accelerate mobility forward. We innovate, design, manufacture and provide smart automotive solutions for the transport of tomorrow, today. With our high-performance green energy solutions, we are one of the best battery manufacturing companies in India.

We are on the move to manufacturing 2-and 3-wheelers battery packs to battery packs for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. We ensure powering eco-friendly and safe journeys for our customers with our high-performing EV batteries.

With our home inverter batteries, lifts and power grids, we are also proceeding to provide our Nation’s development of urban infrastructure with our rechargeable batteries for multiple commercial and residential operations. Our batteries are ideal for solar lighting systems too.

AEL’s lithium-ion battery packs are also designed for the marine industry to provide a complete solution with the greatest reliability for use in marine vessels such as tourism boats, fishing boats, yachts and cruise ships.

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