We Are India’s Emerging Provider Of Green Energy With Market-Driven Retention Approach

Agasty Energy Labs (AEL) is a mission-driven company and together we are here with a purpose to take urbanisation in India to its next level with our revolutionary Li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery pack for 360° green energy solutions. Our process for continuous innovation stream in this transformational journey comes from controlled chaos.

In this changing world, environmental sustainability has moved from the margins into the mainstream. At AEL, we have decided to take this as one survival vision. We need to act. And it is time to bring human, social, economic and environmental sustainability into a must-have practice. It is the little thing that makes the difference in reimagining India as a net-zero emission Nation. We are on a carbon-free journey, where continuous innovation is the mechanism for a sustainable future. With our high-performance green energy solutions, we are one of the best battery manufacturing companies in India.

Out driving the competition

We have stepped out to grow with India’s most livable city, Hyderabad. With our principles and vision of a sustainable future we have been investing nationwide for a better, smarter, connected, and greener India. Today, we have a robust and secure state-of-the-art automotive network of channel partners.

With our flawless value chain model and trustworthy channel partners across the country, we have been able to establish EV batteries charging station maintenance and implement the critical test and pre-qualification equipment’s in-house to fasten the development and testing cycle.

Our market-leading integrated business model, which is based on our principles of green energy technologies and structured with a dedicated team of qualified & experienced professionals, extensive research and development, has eventually made us an industry-leading EV battery packs manufacturer in India for multiple applications.

Together with our smart e-mobility for environmental sustainability, we are also recognised as the emerging industry giant of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries manufacturers in India for domestic and commercial applications as well as for the marine tourism industry.

Our Core Values
Human Sustainability

We believe that human sustainability is driven by the power of unity. It has encouraged us to adapt to the change along with the change, redefining our own paradigm, and protecting our environment.

Social Sustainability

At AEL we do what we are promised to do. We bring each of us together around common interests, by a common cause, and through common experience. Our actions bring us together in making a net-zero emission nation, which indeed, is the need of the hour.

Economic Sustainability

Continuity with the past is clearly not a clarion call in this changing world. We believe resilience is an action to rebound for the better. Our future is bright as our policies are oriented towards reinventing and repurposing.

Environmental Sustainability

The one and the only world is home to 8 billion dreams.  At AEL, we are committed to protect and conserve our environment. Without environmental sustainability, human capital, economic stability, and social cohesion cannot be achieved.

Precision Engineering

We are equipped with ultramodern machining facilities with state-of-the-art equipment installed for the manufacture of Li-ion batteries for multiple applications with power ranging from few watts to different kilowatts.

Innovative Green Energy

With our innovative green energy solutions we aim to take urbanisation in India to its next level. Besides providing environmental benefits we are transforming journeys for commuters with our smart e-mobility solutions. We are also in the making of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries.


Since our inception, we are committed to decouple topline growth from emissions increase. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is firmly based upon the critical test and pre-qualification equipment’s in-house to fasten the development and testing cycle.


As a part of our transformative green energy solutions, electromobility is our driving force in achieving our goals and India’s vision towards a net-zero emission nation. We are the industry leader in the manufacturing of EV batteries for 2-,3- and 4-wheelers.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage. Our integrated business module with precise engineering in our manufacturing process and best practices involved in R&D provides a strong support in delivering the best products and quality services.

The Task Force
One Vision. Multiple Strategies

AEL’s market-driven retention approach to its core leadership values has set an example in the industry by outdriving the competition. Besides teamwork, quality, and innovation, we provide a distinct blueprint for employee behaviour. Employees are pushed to embrace the value of risk-taking by challenging the status quo and engaging in constructive confrontation. And founders are known for their willingness to challenge, even berate, executives during navigating through uncertain times. They are the dynamos in improvising and accelerating AEL’s internal control systems and groundbreakers in AEL’s path towards achieving its goals. They believe sustainability objective is to maximise resource productivity while minimising resource intensity.