Importance of Electrification of Vehicles in India

The electric vehicle market is observed explosive growth across geographies by conversing a gasoline drive with an electric powertrain. The main factors which are responsible for its propelling are the reduced pollutants emission, introduction to intelligent transport systems, and the eventual lack of availability of fossil fuels. Additionally, electric vehicles (EVs) also help in maintaining the ecological balance by reducing the emissions of carbon monoxide that may result in climate change, smog, and deteriorating public health. Charging your EV on renewable energy minimizes these emissions.

The significant benefit of the electrification of vehicles is that they are quite responsive and has ample energy. For example, if you are using a three-wheeled EV, similar to your smartphones, you can plug in your 3-wheeler battery packs and charge it when required. The same is the case with 2-wheeler battery packs and 4-wheeler battery packs. It is estimated that conventional gasoline vehicles have 17% to 21% of efficiency, whereas an EV has 85% to 90% efficiency. Conventional vehicles have bulky, heavy, and less efficient hydraulic transfer power systems than EVs. The electrical system can be easily monitored and controlled for its efficiency and performance. Here we are discussing are some of the benefits of EV in detail:

1. Cheaper than IEC Vehicles

Electrification of vehicles is rapidly coming down at price. As per Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric vehicles (EVs) will be cheaper to buy as soon as 2025. India’s electric mobility plans can boost with the fall in the price of EV batteries. In comparison to ICE vehicles, EVs have higher upfront costs, but on the whole, it is estimated that EV buyers can save thousands of their hard-earned money on fuel and maintenance, and also on tax credits. Nowadays, the central government and state governments have started giving purchase incentives to EV owners in India. A purchase incentive is a direct discount provided on the cost of the EV to its purchaser.

2. Cheaper to Maintain

As per the consumer report of HT, it is estimated that EV four-wheelers offer around 50% savings in maintenance and repair over their lifespan that has run 200,000 miles or 3.20 lakh kilometre. Moreover, few experts also say that an EV car running for 100,000 or above kilometre over several years would perform better than a regular ICE car considering the same distance and for the same number of years of its usage. So, an EV owner does not have to jumble for its oil change, engine smoothness, or repairing the wear and tear of the spare parts. The electric bike batteries are easier to maintain and comes with 8 to 10 years of warranty by almost all the EV batteries manufacturers in India.

3. Environment Friendly

Once you choose to drive the EV, it means you’re doing good for the environment too. It helps to reduce air pollution since it has zero exhaust emissions. Although while charging from an electricity grid, electric bike battery vehicles also contribute to the emission of greenhouse gas. But still, if we compare EVs with the IEC vehicles we will get to know that they have almost negligible contribution in polluting the environment. To minimize the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, one can purchase a solar PV system and can charge EVs during the daytime. Another way to charge your EVs is via green power. So all in all, we can say EV batteries can be charged from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

4. Health Friendly

As EVs releases harmful emissions negligibly, so they can be considered health-friendly also. The reduced usage of non-renewable energy in EVs purifies the air that in return leads to better air quality and thereby reducing health hazards. Therefore, with this, we can save our precious life and our community too from depletion.

5. Conserves Energy

These days we are witnessing the seriousness of the government to effectively switch to EVs over ICE vehicles. With the perfect policy in place, it can help the nation as a whole to reduce the dependency on liquid fuel like petrol or diesel causing serious environmental hazards. Consequently, we can save money on importing foreign oil. If a significant proportion of our population chooses to use EVs, we shall be unaffected by the increased fuel costs also. The amount of money saved can be further used in the upliftment of the people below poverty levels.

6. Comfortable Charging Option

The vehicles with electric bike batteries have the major advantage of simply plugging your EV at your home or office just like your smartphone for 4-5 hours, and you are all set to move again without any obstruction. Nowadays whether it is a 2-wheeler battery packs or 3-wheeler battery packs 4-wheeler battery packs EVs are coming with fast charging capabilities within 60 mins which is 80% of its capacity. All thanks to the great EV battery manufacturers in India!

7. Noise-proof Ride

They are so-called “quiet-vehicles” as they do not emit any sound at speeds up to 18.6 mph. The internal combustion engine prevents EVs from making any unpleasant noise. The only noises EVs usually generate are caused by the resistance of wind and tyre noises, and these noises at heard only at moderate to higher speeds.

So, these were all the benefits of the electrification of vehicles. Considering the above mentioned points if you are looking forward to purchasing an EV product then it can be a smooth, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly choice for you.