LiFePO4 batteries with applications in solar street lights and energy storage solutions

India’s urbanisation is on a transformational journey. And major environmental concerns are driving the government to initiate sustainable energy projects. In the last few years, innovative energy-efficient technologies have led to the development of solar street lighting and energy storage solutions where LiFePO4 batteries also play a significant role. However, India’s move to address climate change with its ‘net- zero agenda’ and strongly believing in its journey has given us an opportunity to support our Nation’s underlying values. As a consequence, our revolutionary green energy solutions have been our trigger itself to transform lives for the better, for sustainability. We are in the manufacturing of EV battery packs for diversified industrial and residential applications besides paving our way to manufacture the world’s best lithium iron phosphate batteries to take the power griding system to the next grade.

All you need to know about LiFePO4 batteries

What is it?

As a part of our journey in achieving environmental sustainability, we have been accelerating our way with precise engineering in our manufacturing process. As a result, we are in constant ideation, research and development, designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing of rechargeable battery packs for multiple applications. LiFePO4 batteries are part of our ideation. It is our innovative green energy solution with solar-powered street lights by trapping solar energy. It is in the process to store solar energy to get us through an outage and to reduce our electricity consumption. These batteries are a type of lithium-ion battery built from lithium iron phosphate with the anatomy of safest lithium chemistry, environmental safety, excellent efficiency, and better performance.

Why it's the best?

On top of being incombustible, LiFePO4 batteries are extremely good at storing energy to power street lights and other energy storage solutions. These batteries can withstand high temperatures without decomposing as it can keep cool at room temperature. Moreover, these batteries are non-toxic, durable, lightweight, and compact.

Where it is used?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Because of a low discharge rate, lesser energy density, and higher charge cycle these batteries are commonly used for Solar Street Lights and Energy Storage Solutions besides other applications including e-vehicles, e-cigarettes, flashlights, radio-controlled models, portable motor-driven equipment, amateur radio equipment, industrial sensor systems, and emergency lighting.

1. Use of LiFePO4 in solar street lights

Today, solar street lights are the economical alternative to conventional street lights. These sun-powered lighting gadgets for outdoor applications make a perfect power consumption saving solutions for the government. They are environmentally friendly featuring long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries, which helps to store energy throughout the day and light up the streets at night. The use of these rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries helps to check carbon and fossil fuels. This new generation lighting system installed with such batteries are safe on the roads as it has low fire risk.

2. Use of LiFePO4 in Energy Storage Solutions

Lithium iron phosphate batteries became a priority choice for residential battery storage systems. Its storage system is smartly managed and monitored by the BMS. Battery storage allows us to store energy generated from renewable energy systems to use at a later time. This helps to import less electricity from the grid by accepting debug commands flexibly. Thus, saving our money on electricity bills. The use of LiFePO4 in Energy Storage Solutions provides resiliency to an all-new level.

LiFePO 4 batteries in strengthening India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative

These lithium iron phosphate batteries are gaining major acceptance in the Indian market for their applications in diversified fields. Apart from its applications in automotive, marine, realty, power, and electronics sectors in India, LiFePO4 batteries have now a huge demand in the retail market for significant residential projects and household applications. In India, these lithium batteries are widely used for outdoor solar lighting system, electro vehicles, marine transports, energy storage solutions, and industrial and home inverters.

With our efforts in producing effective green energy solutions, which is playing an eminent role in India’s ‘net-zero agenda’ push, these Li-ion batteries have become our in-line product priority.

In the recent past government has announced customs duty exemption on lithium-ion cells and allowed to use mines of lithium-ion to private sector for sourcing of raw materials to manufacture EV battery packs and strengthening its Make in India initiative. This has further given us a check on the import of lithium-ion cells, thus reducing the cost.

According to a market report based on the current scenario of manufacturing Li-ion battery packs in India SEZs in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Haryana have been identified as the imminent hot-spots.

Future of LiFePO4 batteries

The future seems to be bright for LiFePO4 batteries as we pace on to achieve environmental sustainability. India has a potential market. And not just limited to take urbanisation in India to its next level but its applications in national parks, rural areas, and remote places in the hilly regions are gaining popularity.