In today’s article in the series of “TUESDAY TOLLS” let’s see how two metal components are attached or joined together and what equipment we need or the process of how is it done.

The process of joining or attaching two metals is called ‘Soldering’. It is a very common process among all industries and not only in automotive or battery manufacturing. The equipment is used are called soldering equipment. Here is the list and their uses of them.

Basically, the place or the section where the major part of the soldering work carries out is known as a “SOLDERING STATION”. All the tools in this article are part of the soldering station itself. In such circumstances where the object or the gadget cannot bring to the soldering station, then the tools from the station have to reach the object.

  1. Soldering Iron :

The soldering iron is the main tool in the station and is used to heat the metal and create the solder joint. It is also used in industries on production lines for installations, repairs, and production work in electronic works.

  • Soldering Gun :

The soldering gun creates a more precise joint than the soldering iron. Although irons use less power, soldering guns are utilized for tasks where higher heat is needed. For combining stained glass, thin sheet metal, and challenging electronic soldering operations, use this instrument. The soldering gun is significantly more helpful when you need to solder only occasionally because it cools down much faster.

  • Soldering Stand :

To hold a hot iron while not in use right away, soldering iron stands and stand accessories are utilized. A hot iron can be placed in the stand without the user having to worry about damaging or igniting the surface.

  • Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are used to cut and strip wire in order to prepare it for soldering. Electric wire insulation is removed using it. In order to replace or repair the wire, electricians and even do-it-yourselfers frequently use these portable, hand-held tools to remove the insulation.

  •  Heat Gun :

A heat gun is used to quickly heat metal parts in order to make the solder flow more easily. Reflowing, or reattaching, soldered-together electrical components is a simple and affordable process. A typical heat gun that is accessible from most home improvement stores should cost no more than $50 as opposed to a standard hot-air solder rework station, which could cost over $100.

  • Flux :

Flux is a chemical that helps to clean the metal and improve the flow of the solder. By eliminating the oxide layers that develop on the surface of the metals being soldered, flux facilitates the soldering and de-soldering operations. It enhances the solder’s capacity for wetting, resulting in more uniform flow over surfaces without balling up (de-wetting).        


The above tools combined comprise the complete soldering station. Soldering plays a very crucial role not only in manufacturing industries but in many. Soldering is a profession where many organizations hire skilled persons for soldering. So, connecting wires with a piece of metal is the most important thing in the battery pack as connects the cells to BMS and all other important parts.